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Department of Climate Geology

The Department of Climate Geology carries out the following expert research:

  • Quaternary stratigraphy and paleogeography studies;
  • reconstruction of climatic and paleoenvironmental changes in the Pleistocene and Holocene using palynological, micropaleontological, malacological and isotopic analysis;
  • analysis of glacial an periglacial processes in past and modern environments;
  • geomorphology analysis based on the field and Digital Elevation Model;
  • aeolian processes in the Quaternary;
  • geoarchaeology, including the impact of climate change on the development of civilizations;
  • micromorphology of the surface of quartz grains;
  • sedimentological analysis of Quaternary sediments;
  • application of magnetic susceptibility anisotropy in Quaternary sediments;
  • application of GIS in geology and geomorphology;
  • weathering processes on micro and macro scales;
  • geohazards, including documentation of current and potential mass movements;
  • geological mapping,
  • capabilities in the interpretation of: thin plates, SEM, DEM images, palynological diagrams, recognition of Quaternary micro and macrofauna, interpretation of geochemical and isotopic results.