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Department of Mineral Deposits and Economic Geology

The World of Ores and Mineral Resources

The fast economic and technological development of the world requires access to mineral resources, from which raw materials are acquired. This is why the 21st century is called the age of mineral deposits. Knowledge about geological resources, including mineral deposits, both documented and prospective, constitutes a basis for advance planning of economic development, and for fulfilling social needs on a local and national scale. Our Department gathers specialists pursuing research related to mineral deposits and economic geology. Economic geologists study and identify the mineral potential of rock formations in Poland and in the world, by studying the origins of various types of deposits, with detailed descriptions of their mineral composition and the share of useful elements, which enables subsequent mining extraction. The employees of our Department who specialise in economic geology estimate the value of the documented ore deposits, determining the geological, mining, and economic conditions of profitable extraction of ore from mineral deposits. Our students majoring in geology of mineral deposits obtain complete theoretical knowledge about the genesis of formation of mineral deposits, the distribution and resources of ore deposits in Poland and in the world, the principles of documenting ore deposits, and the conditions of their extraction. The students have contact with modern research equipment, and they acquire skills in determining the chemical and mineral composition of samples, their physical and technological features, and the mineral properties of rocks. Moreover, our students participate in highly attractive practical field courses in geology of mineral deposits, mining, and drilling, visiting the most important open pit and underground mines of copper ore, lignite, black coal, rock salt, anhydrite, petroleum, natural gas, and various rock raw materials in Poland. The graduates of the Department of Mineral Deposits and Economic Geology are eagerly employed by Polish and foreign mineral companies, such as, e.g. PGNiG, KGHM Polska Miedź, Orlen S.A., LaFarge S.A., KNAUF, Miedzi Copper, PORR S.A., mines of rock raw materials, and geological companies. They constitute the core of geological administration in local governments and the national government, the Polish Geological Institute—National Research Institute, the institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences, research institutes, and universities. Our graduates work in numerous countries and on all continents for global mineral companies.